Q: What is the payment method accepted?
Bank Transfer.

Q: What happens to the payment if due to some reason I am not able to attend the YTTC?
If a student withdraws from the TTC before the training commences under any circumstances, 750 Euro is the non-refundable fee. This further increases to 1000 Euro in case of cancellation 4 weeks before the training commences and the totality of your deposits will be kept in case of last minute cancellation. In some cases, however, it can be used for a next TTC but only with the approval of the YogaOpleiding.be director and for a valid reason. If for some reason YogaOpleiding.be has to cancel the TTC, the 750 Euro will be refunded.

Q: Is the accommodation and food provided with the training?
No. Based on previous experiences, we leave you full liberty to arrange your accommodation and all meals according to your preferences and budget
YogaOpleiding.be will provide you a list of recommended guesthouses once you are registered for the course if needed. Please make sure to inform us so that we know where you are staying during the training.

Q: Is the Orientation meeting compulsory?
We hold an orientation meeting on the first day of the training to ensure students know where the classes are, to familiarize with the course facilities and to allow students to meet each other and their teachers. Student attendance at the orientation day is mandatory. Overall, regular and punctual attendance is a mandatory requirement to receive the final certification. 90% attendance is needed to be certified. If absent due to illness this needs to be detailed to the course director first. We have a procedure to catch up missed classes.

Q: What style of Yoga do you teach?
We teach Traditional Hatha Yoga which is the basis of all styles of Yoga (practice of Asana). Our adjustments and teaching methodology are applicable to any style of Yoga.

Q: Can you tell me a bit about what Yoga philosophy/tradition is taught? What texts are used?

There is no specific tradition taught, the program is too short to get into such levels of details and the main texts that are approached are the Pantajali Yoga Sutra and the Bhagawad Gita. For more details, please contact us.

Q: Would I be qualified to teach a variety of styles when I returned home, including Hatha classes, Power Vinyasa and Anasura or if you have to specialize in one when you train?

You will have an international Yoga Alliance certificate which you can use to teach in your country and anywhere else as long as you become a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. It takes years to a Yoga teacher to be specialised in one style of Yoga. YogaLife teaches you all the basics of Yoga. We are teaching you the keys of Yoga regardless of the style, these keys will help you to develop your particular style which will come out as time goes on. Depending on your level of practice and personality, your own style of Yoga will emerge. What you will learn with YogaLife School will be valuable later for any style of practice

If you have any further queries related to the venue, email us at admin@shambho.com .