Sanjeev Bhanot

Sanjeev has been practicing Yoga over 30 years, and teching since 1986 and Started his first teachers training course in 1999 in Geneva. His hand own adjustments and his unique style of teaching brought him in the light and then there was no looking back for this master of Yoga. At this moment Sanjeev heads an organisation called Yogalife Foundation. Yogalife conducts many teachers training programs across the nations. He has more then 14000 hours of teaching experience and has trained hundreds of teachers directly under his guidance from 40 countries.
He was born in India and grew up in a small town in Rajasthan. According to him, that is where it all started in an early age. Later, He did his yoga studies mostly in a traditional way with many known and unknown masters in India. Today, He ensures that he is personally present in all the teachers training courses to be sure to keep the standards up..

Poonam Sharma

Poonam Stecher Sharma has over twenty years of experience in the field of Yoga thought and practice. Having grown up in a yogic environment and studying sociology at the post-graduate level, Poonam received formal training in yoga and meditative practices from the Bihar Yoga Bharti University in India.
Teaching young and old people, working and non-working, at home and at work, Poonam has had a diverse range of students across India (since 1996) and Switzerland (since 2001). Prominent among her learners have been members of some international organizations and corporates such as the World Metrological Organization, UNHCR, IFRC, WHO, Webster University, Proctor & Gamble, Ford Foundation, International Labour Organisation in Geneva and India. Poonam is a co-founder of Yogalife Foundation, has helped set up and run a Yogalife studio in New Delhi (2006-2007), and is a core member of the design and delivery team of Teachers Training Courses since 2005. Poonam also runs a Yoga center called Sanapurna in Zurich.
Poonam is proficient in Yoga philosophy and Meditation, apart from Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga and Mantra yoga knowledge and skills of which she happily transfers in a friendly and calm learning environment.

Anne Macnabb

Anne Macnabb has been a professional in the Geneva fitness community for the past twelve years. She has certiifications in Personal Training, Coaching and Nutrition. She is trained in Hatha Yoga from Yogalife in Geneva and recently completed Level I Teachers Training from the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute. She also has training in massage therapy which she uses regularly in her classes. She is very interested in specific needs of individuals and specializes in exercises for the back. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, she has a strong background in inter-personal relationships and sharing information.

Manoj Bhanot

Manoj was born into a lineage and heritage of health, Yoga and spiritual teachers. He was privileged to grow up in the right settings, which paved the way for his Yoga journey. It is difficult to say when exactly the formal introduction with Yoga took place but a few childhood pictures reveal his natural inclination at an early age. He grew up listening to Bhagavad-Gita and breathing the Hindu and Yoga philosophy. His formal education of anatomy, biochemistry and physiology contributed to his deep understanding of the physical aspect of Yoga.
Manoj has the natural ability to connect with people through his intuitive psychological understanding, sense of humor and his communication skills. He is an inspiring teacher and his students simply love him. Manoj did his formal training in Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda Vedanta Ashram and Yogalife Foundation and earned his titels like Yoga Shirimani and Yoga Acharya. Manoj was initiated into Yoga by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati from Bihar School of Yoga.

Patrick De Vlesschauwer

Patrick is psychologist with a focus on emotions and health. He works for many years with people who are affectively very vulnerable using the model of The Psychology of Interdependence.
In 2009 his lifework De Ultieme Uitdaging (The Ultimate Challenge) was published by Ankh-Hermes in The Netherlands. A book about his search for the healthy mind as the source of the life that is universal and sustainable worth living. His book was inspired by the Mind and Life Institute. A center for dialogue between the two great empirical traditions of East and West. In the summer of 2010 Mind and Life Institute started a Center for Investigating the Healthy Mind – the main theme of his book. The book received good reviews and was in 2010 selected by the Vlaamse Coaches (The Flemish Coaches).
Recently he is finishing his new manuscript De Parel van Gandhi (The Pearl of Gandhi). A book about the inner journey into the deep message of yoga. He will translate the manuscript also in English.
In 2008 he studied one year at The Graduate Institute of New York in Consciousness Studies. This Institute works in cooperation with The Global Shift University of Ervin Laszlo.

At this moment he wants to combine his lifelong experience in psychology and Yoga into Yoga Psychology Therapy. He is convinced that the ancient tools and insights of Yoga are a very powerful complement to the young scientific insights of the psychology tradition. His dream is contributing to a healthy, emotional balanced, clear minded, openhearted society through the message of Yoga.

Els Verheije

In 2000 Els studied Natural health therapy and graduated in 2005. During this period, tai chi-qi gong trainings inspired her fully. Consciously connected and motivated out of the mindfulnesstrainings in 2005, she developed ‘Mindful Movements’ to embody sensations of breath (qi gong), yoga movements and awareness (mindfulness meditation). While teaching yoga for many years, she took a professional Nia-dance training course in 2007. The Teachers training course of Yogalife in Goa 2010 refined all her teachings by including the yoga philosophy and psychology to her daily routine.
Els started her education as an artist/actrice, works for many years with people with disabilities and changed her attention by exploring the amazing temple of the body in many ways. One consistency in her life is learning by spiritual experiences of the body and the awareness of emotions of life, the interactions with nature and people, the power of movements, self enquiry through vipassana, meditation and the inspiration of many ‘culture creative’s, teachers and books.
She created a three-week ‘positive yoga program’ in 2010 for a rejuvenating retreat. This program offers new possibilities, new perspectives to sustain a healthy emotional state of mind/body. This program was conducted in Bali and will be offered again in South Africa and India in the near future.

Yogalife Assistant Teachers:

Yogalife provides the opportunity to its graduates to assist in every possible yoga teaching organised by Yogalife. The assistant teachers are the ones who have already gone through the process and help making the bridge in between the teachers and students. They are a part of the Continuous Education Program (CEP). We encourage them to grow with us and be a part of this beautiful journey. Each course will have 2 to 3 assistant teachers alongwith the main teachers.
Yogalife visiting teachers
In order to give exposure to diffrent related desciplines, Yogalife invites the guest teachers to teach one or two sessions according to their known fields and expertise. It can be in the field of Yoga or related fields. For example the last courses have experienced some lectures and tips on Shiatsu, Chavuti thirumal, refloxology, kallari and different style of Yoga from their local expert and known teachers.